Richard Nance:

Unarmed & Stick Combatives

October 28-29, 2023
9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Course Description

In a self-defense situation, even the best techniques won’t save you if you can’t hit with enough power to stop the attacker. This course focuses on developing powerful empty-handed strikes, as well as using a stick (telescoping baton, pipe, etc.) to thwart an attack justifying a higher level of force.

Topics includes:

  • Mindset
  • Awareness/Willingness
  • Legal Aspects of Self-Defense
  • Principle-Based vs. Technique-Based Tactics
  • Controlling Distance
  • Combative Strikes and Combinations
  • Power Development Strategies
  • Fending and Countering
  • Basic Stick Angles, Blocks, and Strikes
  • Guard Positions
  • Combination Strikes with the Stick
  • Specialty Applications including Chokes and Takedowns

What to bring:

  • Comfortable Clothing
  • Rattan Stick
  • Lunch, hydration, etc.

Rochester Personal Defense
300 Buell Rd.
Rochester, NY 14624

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